Food intolerance test

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Did you know that acne and rashes, fatigue, bloating, joint pains, and severe cold symptoms can be caused by the body simply because of poor digestion of some foods? Or, that some people cannot lose weight despite various and sometimes even very strict diets, only because they use foods that they actually cannot digest?

The test provides an answer to which foods a person should avoid or replace in their menu. The food intolerance test will be performed at Tartu Bioclinic and Loodus BioSpa, followed by a consultation with Dr. Natalia Trofimova (also possible by phone).

The food intolerance test is recommended for those who want to lose weight, strengthen the immune system, restore the skin, improve the strength of hair and nails, who are preparing to have a baby, breastfeeding, suffering from obesity or other chronic diseases.

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Food intolerance test for 176 foods clearly shows which foods make your immune system react negatively and can therefore damage your body and cause various problems, such as:

weight persistence despite diet
abdominal pain, bloating
itching, rash
skin problems, acne, allergies
constipation, diarrhea
joint pain, swelling
severe cold, weak immunity
fatigue, poor sleep


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