Ho to recover, lose weight and to experience detox How did you find your way to BioSpa?

Vilma: “I heard about this place from my friend, who has been here twice and I felt that I wanted to try it too. I have never visited such a clinic where body measurements are monitored and instructions are given on what to do and how, that’s why I decided to come.”

Kaarina: “Vilma invited me along and I immediately agreed because I wanted to change my habits and appearance. I felt that I was ready to make a big change in my life.”


What do you do on a daily basis?

Vilma: “During the winter period, I travel a lot, I like to explore the world. I am a yoga teacher and I do yoga and wellness programs.”

Kaarina: “I am a lymphatic therapist, nurse, nutritionist and I specialize in stomach problems, giving advice to clients on how not to feel abdominal pain and i help the metabolism work, I also treat people with post-corona problems and i recommend different kind of vitamins and minerals to them. I have seen many wonderful changes in my work.”


What was your purpose in coming to fast?

Kaarina: “To recover, lose weight and to experience detox .”

Vilma: “To clean the body. To experience the feeling that comes with fasting or how my body reacts when I don’t eat.”


How do you feel after completing the program?

Vilma: “I am very satisfied with the results, I was surprised by the weight loss (more than 5 kilograms).”

Kaarina: “I feel very well, it was very surprising for me that I never felt hungry. I was afraid of it before coming. All the procedures were excellent and I enjoyed them very much.”


Which procedures turned out to be favorites and what useful things to take with you?

Vilma: “My absolute favorite was the Kneipp hydrotherapy. It gave me such incredible energy afterward. BioSpa was a fantastic opportunity to learn how to take care of my lymphatic system, and it’s something I want to continue at home by doing the necessary exercises. I will definitely make sure to consume an adequate amount of various fluids and get enough exercise.”

Kaarina: “The staff was polite and highly professional. My favorite treatments were the Thai massage and foot reflexology. At home, I want to continue with morning exercises and regularly practice breathing exercises to eliminate toxins. I gained a lot of different ideas during this course.”