How to prepare for a maximum result


One week prior to arrival to Loodus BioSpa we advise you to exclude greasy food, sweets, coffee and alcohol from your diet. Reduce consumption of meat and dairy products. The [...]



Our discounts for loyalty customers! if you visit us again, your loyalty discount is 10% if you visit us again with a new friend, you receive a 15% discount if you [...]

Spine and joints

2020-11-23T16:22:31+02:00News, Body and health|

Improper nutrition is one of the main causes of diseases of the joints and spine. This is caused by the deposition of toxins and the distortion of mineral metabolism. As [...]

Natural cancer protection

2020-11-23T16:24:09+02:00News, Body and health|

WORLD’S BEST SOUP – OR WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SALVESTROL – A NATURAL PROTECTION AGAINST CANCER Salvestrol (from lat. Salvus – whole, safe) is a substance produced by some [...]

Can A 3-Day Fast Reset Your Immune System?

2020-11-23T16:28:05+02:00News, Fasting|

Professor of Stanford University Valter Longo, who studies aging and longevity, published a study, in which he described remarkable metabolic changes that occurred as a result of prolonged fasting. Longo and his [...]

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