Would you leave your front door open?


 Interestingly enough, our body is an open organism with two main barriers for keeping the intruders out: the skin and the intestines. Imagine a wound on your hand that [...]

How to prepare for a maximum result


How to prepare for a maximum result One week prior to arrival to LoodusBioSpa we advise you to exclude greasy food, sweets, coffee and alcohol from your diet. Reduce consumption [...]



Our discounts for loyalty customers! if you visit us again, your loyalty discount is 10% if you visit us again with a new friend, you receive a 15% discount if you [...]

Spine and joints

2020-11-23T16:22:31+02:00News, Body and health|

Improper nutrition is one of the main causes of diseases of the joints and spine. This is caused by the deposition of toxins and the distortion of mineral metabolism. As [...]

Natural cancer protection

2020-11-23T16:24:09+02:00Body and health, News|

WORLD’S BEST SOUP – OR WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SALVESTROL – A NATURAL PROTECTION AGAINST CANCER Salvestrol (from lat. Salvus – whole, safe) is a substance produced by some [...]

Can A 3-Day Fast Reset Your Immune System?

2020-11-23T16:28:05+02:00News, Fasting|

Professor of Stanford University Valter Longo, who studies aging and longevity, published a study, in which he described remarkable metabolic changes that occurred as a result of prolonged fasting. Longo and his [...]


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