Did you know that feeling tired, suffering from insomnia, joint pains and skin rashes can be caused by inability of your body to digest certain foods?

You most probably have heard a popular saying “you are what you eat”. However, you can eat as many healthy foods as you can, but your body will only absorb what it is capable of absorbing. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say “we are what we digest”, tells Dr. Natalia Trofimova from Biokliinik, tests her patients for Food Intolerance since many years.

Many different diseases actually start with digestion problems. If your metabolic system does not have a special ferment to digest a particular protein, this results in a digestion disorder, sometimes without any visible connections. For instance – if you have insomnia, the Food Tolerance Test can surprise you, because the actual reason could be that your body is missing a particular ferment, leaving certain proteins non-processed in the body, turning them into toxic garbage that, in turn, impacts processes in your body which do not let you sleep at night.

The Food Intolerance Test will clearly indicate what kind of foods makes your immune system react in a negative way and therefore harm your body. Changing the diet using the results from the Food Intolerance Test has helped a lot of people with skin problems, digestion problems, restlessness, insomnia, joint paint and many more to get better sleep and improve health in different ways. Food Intolerance Test is done in Tartu in our Biokliinik and Loodus BioSpa locations and is followed by the consultation of Dr.Natalia Trofimova.

Food intolerance test and consultation is available in Loodus Biokliinik (Tartu, Raatuse 86),

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