Biokliinik is for those who wish to determine the cause of their health problems. We do not treat the consequences with drugs, but find the causes of diseases and eliminate them.

Biokliinik is a private clinic in Tartu, Estonia, offering a wide range of research, medical, dietary and therapeutic services from the best specialists in their field.

Dr. Natalia Trofimova consults both adults and children as well as breastfeeding mothers. Consultations by phone are also possible.

A number of different studies and analyses are used to identify the causes of health problems:

  • bioresonance diagnostics
  • food intolerance tests
  • hereditary predisposition tests
  • stomach research
  • microbiome research
  • micronutrient research

Biokliinik also offers a solution to your overweight problems. Dr. Natalia Trofimova developed a 2-week course for home detox and effective and healthy weight loss. Program also helps you to develop your personal healthy diet and lifestyle habits. The program is based on an individual approach, therefore, if necessary, the details program are adjusted to your personal situation.

Biokliinik offers many different services. The entire selection can be found in the medical services section under the link below.

Biokliinik goal is to combine natural therapies with traditional medicine. The clinic provides a variety of outpatient physiotherapy, rehabilitation and therapeutic services.

We are located at Raatuse 86, Tartu

Phone: +372 5347 1532

Our treatments and programs


Find out the real causes of your health problems and start effective treatment.


The only professional fasting program in Northern Europe. Cleansing of the body.


A unique and effective balanced nutrition program. Weight control without feeling hungry.


Mild body cleansing program to remove toxins. Find your balance and healthy lifestyle.


Effective relaxation and stress relieve in 3 days. Moderate physical activity and balanced nutrition.