Our osteopath is Dr. Yury Remõga, with 38 years of experience. His unique approach will restore your body’s mobility, coordination and posture, remove the source of pain and prevent health problems.

Osteopathy is a manual treatment method and is suitable for treatment of various health problems and pain.

Disorders of upper spine area:
neck-headache (migraine), dizziness, jaw pain, shoulder or arm pain (periarthritis, periarthrosis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome), sensory problems (hearing, vision loss).

Disorders around chest area:
middle back pain, chest pain, intercostal nerve pain, visceral disorders (cardioneurotic heart pains, arrhythmia).

Disorders in lower back area:
lower back pain, sciatica, hip/knee/foot pain (numbness, chills), pear muscle syndrome, visceral disorders (menstrual disorders, constipation).

(Sports) overload syndromes – the so-called tennis or golf elbow; other joint problems.

Preventive treatment prevents later pain. If you have been experiencing pain for a long time, your body is asking for your attention. When you try to get rid of the pain with painkillers, the symptoms become even more severe and the problems deeper. It is especially important to tell your osteopath about injuries that have happened in the distant past, since events from as far as your childhood also affect the current state of your health.

What is the difference between osteopathy and other types of manual medicine? What makes osteopathy special?

In general, the diagnostics and treatment of osteopathy, chiropractic and manual therapy – are similar. However, a chiropractor is not a doctor in any country, but manual therapy and osteopathy are medical specialties.

Chiropractic techniques are the fastest and sharpest, those of osteopathy are the most delicate, detailed and take into account the complexity and connections of the human body as a whole.

Treatment frequency: Once a month

There are few contraindications and they are relative, meaning that osteopathy can be used almost always, provided it is done skillfully and carefully. The most important contraindications: acute inflammation, destruction (tumor, metastasis), severe osteoporosis, significant degeneration, deformity.

Osteopathy relieves pain

Osteopathy treats and prevents pain, numbness, stiffness in joints and spine, corrects posture defects. Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages, from infants, pregnant women to the elderly, regardless of weight or gender.


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