Food intolerance test is recommended for those who want to lose weight, strengthen their immune system, improve skin condition, improve the quality of hair and nails, for those who are preparing to become pregnant, is breastfeeding, is suffering from obesity or other chronic diseases.

In many cases, food intolerance can lead to chronic symptoms that are difficult to treat by conventional methods. Food intolerance test clearly shows which foods make your immune system react negatively and can therefore damage your body and cause various problems, such as:

  • weight persistence despite diet
  • abdominal pain, bloating
  • itching, rash
  • skin problems, acne
  • allergies
  • constipation, diarrhoea
  • joint pain, liquid retention, swelling
  • frequent cold, weak immunity
  • fatigue, poor sleep
  • small children with persistent running nose
  • breast-fed children with belly cramps

This test provides  a clear answer to which foods you should avoid or replace in your daily menu. Changing your diet using the results of a food intolerance test has helped many people with skin problems, digestive problems, restlessness, insomnia, joint pains. Many people improve their sleep and are much more energized and in general feel better.


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Food intolerance test can be done in Tartu, at our Biokliinik location as well as Loodus BioSpa, followed by a personal consultation with Dr. Natalia Trofimova

There are two types of food intolerance tests cytotoxic food intolerance test (120 foods) and the immunological (IgG) food intolerance test (176 foods). The main difference between cytotoxic and immunological test is that IgG is determined by an analyzer, whereas a cytotoxic reaction is a direct reaction of antigen to an antibody that is observed under a microscope.

Cytotoxic food intolerance (hidden food allergy) test (120 foods)

This type of test is also called a “bio-assay”: it is a biological test based on changes in cell morphology. Blood cells are examined in their natural environment. It is a non-invasive in vitro test (requiring a venous blood sample) to monitor morphological changes in white blood cells when they are exposed to an allergenic part of a food. White blood cells are immunocompetent cells – our first protective barrier.

Immunologic (IgG) food intolerance (hidden food allergy) Test (176 foods)

Just as different people’s fingerprints are unique, so is their ability to digest different foods. Based on this individuality, a food intolerance panel (based on IgG antibodies) has been created for 176 different foods. The panel determines tolerance (intolerance) to specific foods and helps to identify a suitable diet.

Diet changes should not be started on your own, but after consultation with a specialist, since we are all unique, and standard approach is not optimal. Our doctor, Dr. Trofimova, will select the appropriate action plan for you.


food intolerance test and consultation 220.-
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Food Intolerance may surprise you

Did you know that acne and rashes, fatigue, bloating, joint pain, babies with colics and frequent colds can be caused by the body simply not properly digesting certain foods? This is also the reason why you are not losing weight despite a diet  – if a person consumes foods that he is not able to fully digest, these foods create complex problems in the body.

The easiest way to solve these problems is to find out which foods you personally should avoid.


food intolerance test and consultation 220.-
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