Improper nutrition is one of the main causes of diseases of the joints and spine. This is caused by the deposition of toxins and the distortion of mineral metabolism. As a result of these processes, diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis (limitation of spinal mobility), rheumatic diseases, gout, metabolic disorders in the bones and joint deformation develop.
Why do joints hurt? 
The process begins with a distortion of the blood supply, as a result of which the joint does not receive nutrition. Then metabolic disorders occur in the joints: toxins and uric acid begin to accumulate and crystallize, which ultimately are deposited in the joints and affect the cartilage. Spike of crystals form on the joints, affecting the joint and causing inflammation. This can affect both the smallest joints (fingers) and large ones, including the spine.
The accumulation of uric acid is always associated with the absorption of food and the deposition of toxins. For this reason, inflammation (arthritis) develops, which, in turn, causes degenerative changes in the joints (arthrosis). Arthritis and arthrosis occur not only in one joint, it is a metabolic disorder of the whole body, covering all bones and joints.
Regular fasting is a a must for patients with a tendency to the above diseases. In addition to fasting twice a year, in spring and autumn, we recommend fasting also to be done before the expected exacerbation of the disease.