Its amazing how a computer-based health testing system can reveal hidden diseases! It’s real, it works, and Loodus BioSpa and Loodus Biokliinik offers such possibility to you.

Dr. Natalia Trofimova performs the bioresonance diangnostics through meridian acupuncture points well known to us from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The test results show exactly in which condition all your body organs are.

The diagnostics is based on a computer program in the bioresonance testing method.  It works with the electormagnetic vibrations though meridian points in the your body – each organ in your body has a meridian point, that can be measured by electromagnetic vibration.

If electromagnetic vibrations of a particular meridian control point measure normal levels, the organ related to this meridian also works good. If the vibrations in the meridian are too low, this implies that this meridian’s organ does not function well. If the vibrations are too strong, then this meridian’s organ is overworked.

This method helps reveal hidden problems of our body, that not always show in blood tests or other examinations.

Dr. Trofimova has discovered many root causes of disease and helped people with skin, heart, stomach and other problems.

Come and discover Your health through interesting diagnostics! It shows even Your aura picture – because all in human health is connected – both physical and energy!