One week prior to arrival to Loodus BioSpa we advise you to exclude greasy food, sweets, coffee and alcohol from your diet. Reduce consumption of meat and dairy products. The better your preparation, the more effective your result will be.

What to pack?

  • casual clothes and warm socks
  • rain jacket and comfortable shoes for walking, indoor shoes/slippers
  • workout/fitness clothes for indoors and outdoors
  • bathrobe in case your size exceeds XXL
  • swimwear and swim cap
  • personal hygiene products and medicine you take regularly
  • existing lab/medical test results you have at hand
  • re-usable water bottle (in case you have one)
  • we ask our returning customers to bring their lecture materials
  • it is not recommended to wear jewellery during the course of treatment, therefore it’s best to leave jewellery at home

When to arrive

The course starts on the fist day of the program. The time of arrival to Loodus BioSpa is 12:00 – 17:00. The departure time on the last day of the course is flexible, but not later than 17:00.


If you come by public transport to Tartu, we offer complementary transfer service to our center, which will be awaiting for you on the opposite side of the Tartu central coach (bus) station, in front of the Tartu Hotel, from 13:45 to 14:00 on the first day of the program (across the road from the spot where the bus stops). On the last day of the program we will take you back at 17:00.

Complementary transfer service is provided on the first and the last days of the program. If you arrive on a different time/day, it is possible to take a taxi, from the bus station the approximate cost is €10 (tel. +372 733 3333)