To loose the excess weight, feel energised, to fit into your favourite clothes, to get that glow on your skin and a sparkle in your eye, our specialists recommend the following:

These 3 simple, but very effective rules will help you to get and stay in shape

1. Skip dinner. Start eating every day around the same time, and gradually shift the dinner to an earlier time, eventually skipping it all together.

2. Do not eat sweet and fried foods. Leave cakes, pastry, sweets, chocolate, fried meat and potatoes aside.

3. Increase physical activity. Instead of dinner, go for a 45-minute walk, preferably with Nordic Walking sticks, as it increases the load by 30%.

Strictly keep to these rules for 7 weeks. You will be losing 300-500 grams of body weight per week.

Can you make this process more effective?

An alternative to the strict 7-week regime is a 7-day professional diet or detox program. You will not only lose 4-7 kg of body weight, but also improve your health and condition of your skin!