It has been a while I was looking for a place to go to ‘’detox my body and mind’’. I have spent some time searching on Internet, but was always postponing, until December 2017 when I got a kidney infection. I had a long and heavy treatment to ‘’kill’’ the infection, after what my body was tired, and I was looking horrible (I had grey skin, swollen bailey). I started seriously thinking of a place to go to recover! By googling, I have found Loodus (Nature means Estonian), after reading the service they provide, I have been immediately convinced by the name of Dr. Natalia Trofimova, who is a doctor and has 30 years of experience in dieting. I told my husband about my findings and in a few days, we booked the plane to
Estonia and the stay at Loodus.
Our first stay in this wonderful place was in May 2018.
When we arrived in Tartu and told the taximan to take us to Loodus, he said: “It’s a very nice place, but they do not give food there”. We were laughing and said this was the main reason we came here.
We arrived at this nice place, were given our room (very clean) and some food (not too much). First impression I had was like we came home. The house has a normal size (not huge), carpet on the floor, the shoes from outside had to be left in a special main entry room and we had to have inside shoes. The colors of the walls, the stairs, the terrace, all creates a peaceful atmosphere. The garden is just amazing. When walking around I was filling such a positive energy, everything is done with so much attention, I would say with a lot of love. The flowers, the trees, the lakes, the bridge over the lake make you to leave away the stress.
I could fast 3 days after what I was put on diet. Our day used to start with enema, morning exercises, Nordic walk, after what we had the doctor’s checkup (blood pressure, weight measurement, advices and some minerals to drink). We had daily massage, lymph drain, face massage, warm paraffin for hands and feet, etc. We had evening activities mainly yoga; Shindo, water gym. We have chosen different treatments and were very happy with everything we had.
The team (Dream team) at Loodus is very friendly and ready to help at any moment. I can say these people really like their job! Everyone is responsible for what she/he does!
The house is very clean and well maintained. The garden is beautiful, I have the impression (Ivan the man who maintains it) never leaves this place – he is always doing something there!
When sitting one day on the sofa next to the doctor’s office, I have found an album with a lot of pictures, from years ago. While looking at it a lady came next to me and has shown me one picture with Dr. Natalia Trofimova and herself, this was more the 20 years ago. I did conclude for myself that Loodus is a whole work life of Dr Natalia coming from so far. All started in Soviet Union and now in Estonia – such a small and beautiful country!
It was hard for me to leave Loodus in May. We came back home “reborn” physically and mentally. I lost 4 kilos and my husband 6 kilos. Our main purpose was to “reset” our body and our mind and this happened. My friends were telling me I was looking “fresh”!
We returned in Sep 2018. We had great stay again and were very happy meeting the full team and Dr Natalia. Everything was just perfect. We plan to go back next year in May 2019.
I would like to say BIG THANKS for the hospitality and wonderful atmosphere to Dr. Natalia Trofimova and to the full team: Tatiana, Marika, Inga, Ilya, Larissa, Alexandra, Mariu, Ivan, Liuba. See you all next time.
I met at Loodus a lot of people from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland – everyone has her/his own story – but we all were there to get rid of stress; to relax, to lose some kilos and to get energy to be able to continue our lives in this current speedy world!
All I can say for those who are looking for a nice place to stay, to lose a few kilos, to get more energy, to reset both mind & body and to fill like home this is the right place to go! Do not hesitate; just try it!