MICROBIOME ANALYSIS healthy intestine

MICROBIOME ANALYSIS healthy intestine

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The test provides information about the number of bacteria in your intenstine and instructions on how to achieve a balanced bacterial population.

The test provides answers to:

• What bacteria are present in your intestine?
• How your intestinal bacteria affect your body?
• Are there too many harmful bacteria in your intestine?
• Do intestinal bacteria contribute to overweight?
• Is there a right balance between your diet and bacterial composition, or should your dietary habits be changed?
• How to achieve a balanced composition of intestinal bacteria?

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A diverse and balanced microbiome community based on proper nutrition is important for your body to ensure good health and achieve desired body weight. A disrupted microbiome community can lead to various diseases and other health problems such as obesity, digestive problems, type II diabetes, and so on. Intestinal microbiome analysis helps to develop a conscious diet and to prevent diseases and health problems.

Microbiome analysis is simple. The test is performed on a stool sample that can be taken comfortably at home. It is recommended to order at least two analyzes. The first sample should be taken with at the beginning and the second after a change in eating habits and lifestyle within 1-2 months, but not later than 6 months after the initial test.

After ordering, we will send you a sampling kit and detailed instructions for taking the sample home. We will release the results within 14 working days.

After the test we recommend to consult with your doctor, who will help you to better understand the test results and make recommendations for further action and changes in your diet. In addition to outpatient appointments, Dr. Natalia Trofimova also provides medical consultations in a virtual way.


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