Summer is the time to relax and enjoy. Enjoy ice cream, the weather, a BBQ party with a glass of wine or cold beer. That’s not so healthy, you’d say? Why not – temporarily it is okay, but after such a heavy period you need to give your body a chance to recover. Help your digestive system to cleanse itself, to reset and give a boost to your immune system and prepare for the rainy autumn. September is the best time for this!

5 very easy, but effective rules:
1. Daily schedule. Start eating at the same time every day, gradually shifting the dinner to an earlier time and making it lighter.

2. Quantity. Use small plates and serve yourself a portion not bigger than 250 gram.

3. Frequency. Eat 5 times per day, in small portions

4. Liquid. Drink plenty of water – not carbonated! One glass for each 10 kg of body weight. For a person that weights 80 kg it makes about 2.5 liters of water per day.

5. Exercise. After dinner go for a 45 minute walk, preferrably with Nordic Walking Sticks, since this increases the load by 30%.

Can you make this process more effective?
Following these rules will set you off in a right direction and you will be losing about 500 grams of weight per week. But to thoroughly cleanse your body from the accumulated toxins that cause fatigue, irritability, decreased libido, pain, aging and susceptibility to viruses, a one-week professional detox or fasting program is the best healthy choice! Only then you will re-start all your body systems, strengthen your immunity and as a pleasant bonus loose 4-7 kg of body weight.

Loodus BioSpa will gladly support you in this!