The results help to assess the condition of the stomach lining in patients with heartburn and other complaints – whether the stomach lining is healthy or damaged by Helicobacter pylori, infection or atrophic gastritis.

If the results of the blood tests are within the normal range, there is a high probability that the stomach lining is healthy and that the risk of developing gastric cancer and other gastric mucosal diseases is currently low.

The results of the tests, which are not correct, make it possible to distinguish in which anatomical region of the stomach the lesion is present or the gastritis is affecting the whole stomach. Based on the answers, it is also possible to identify the presence of gastric hyper- or under-acidity, as well as to assess the presence or risk of impaired absorption of vitamins and minerals (eg vitamin B12, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.).

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Based on the results of the package, high-risk gastric mucosal conditions can also be detected and these patients should consult a gastroenterologist or family doctor for further examination.

Do not eat or brush your teeth for at least 10 hours before giving blood tests.

The results of the tests are received by the patient together with the doctor’s comments.

For gastric disorders

The heartburn package (Gastropanel) includes a selection of laboratory tests for people with stomach problems.


gastropaneel 130.-
☎ (+372) 53 47 15 32