In April 2024, we proudly accepted the Green Key certification, recognizing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Green Key is an international eco-label aimed at acknowledging environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in the tourism sector.

Environmental issues have become increasingly important and serious when considering our impact on the planet. In this light, sustainable initiatives and certifications have become extremely significant.

Obtaining this certification signifies that our center adheres to high environmental and sustainability standards, encompassing various areas from energy usage to waste management.

Why is this certification important to us? Firstly, it demonstrates our dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability. It’s essential for us not only to provide quality service but also to do so in a manner that respects and preserves our natural resources. The Green Key certification allows us to show our clients and partners that we take environmental impact seriously and are committed to reducing it.

Secondly, Green Key represents an obligation for us. By receiving this recognition, we take on the responsibility to continue implementing best environmental practices and constantly improving our operations. This includes ongoing efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, utilize resources efficiently, and minimize negative impacts on the surrounding environment.


Loodus BIOSPA makes daily environmentally conscious decisions based on the company’s long-term strategy and sustainability principles. Our goal is to carefully, environmentally consciously, and frugally use the resources entrusted to us.


  • We implement measures to reduce water consumption and encourage our guests to save water.
  • We produce and consume solar energy.
  • We use geothermal heating to keep buildings warm.
  • We sort waste and packaging according to environmental requirements.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • We prefer high-quality and predominantly local raw materials.
  • Our territory is tobacco-free.
  • We consistently introduce environmentally friendly principles to our employees and customers.
  • We value outdoor activities.
  • We monitor and adhere to environmental laws, recommendations, and developments.
  • We are open to all proposals and discussions related to the environment.