How It All Began

“I just wanted to shut myself off,” says Triin, who had reached a point in her life where everything had come to a standstill. “Completely by chance, I stumbled upon the Loodus BIOSPA page on social media. After reading the introduction, it was immediately clear: this is for me! It was in 2019. I signed up and went through my first fasting program.”

Right after finishing the program, she met her friend Kristina at a party. Hearing about Triin’s experience, Kristina decided that she wanted the same.

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April 2023

In the spring of 2023, they came to fast together. It was Triin’s second and Kristina’s first time. They immediately clicked while fasting together, despite the slight fear of how to do it while sharing a room. It’s evident, audible, and palpable that they enjoy the experience together, with pleasant background music playing, the evening sun shining through the spacious room and windows offering a view of the beautiful nature. They are on their second joint fasting couse, radiating joy and positivity.

The Goal

“This is a gift to your body and mind,” Triin answers the question about her goal for coming to the fasting course.

“The first time was more about physical change. But the way fasting affected my mental well-being was completely unexpected. Now I come primarily for a mental reset.”


Kristina adds, “The physical experience and transformation are more like a bonus, it happens anyway! I also come for the mental switch.”

Where can you see the first signs that cleansing is taking place?

“The tongue! It’s the first indicator that the body is starting to get rid of toxins!” they answer in unison.

“But surprisingly, everything was so good all at once, there was a kind of high effect, an incredibly pleasant feeling. During the course, I felt like I was floating on cloud nine and the lightness in my body lasted the whole summer,” adds Kristina.

The Dream of Broccoli

“As the fasting progresses, pesky cravings disappear, thoughts of food are no longer so overwhelming. You realize it’s all in your head. There is absolutely no physical hunger. Probably also because the schedule of procedures and activities is very tight. The only thing that gives me cravings is the thought of steamed broccoli when I think about the post-fasting diet! Fasting really changes your thinking,” says Triin.

The Effect

“The strong effect of fasting lasts about six months, sometimes even lo

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April 2024

nger. Both mentally and physically. After fasting, you just don’t want certain foods anymore. Awareness grows, and some things simply don’t tempt you like they used to,” shares Kristina.

They Have a Plan

During the corona period, the training and motivation club “Pepud Punni” was formed, connecting Triin, Kristina, and several of their mutual friends who train together or share their workouts with each other. They organize sporting challenges, compare steps and results. Triin and Kristina have decided that keeping such an experience to themselves is selfish, so they must work towards bringing the entire club to the fasting cure.

“We want everyone to experience for themselves the powerful restart that fasting provides!”

Jalad vees

The schedule of procedures while at the retreat is busy. Additionally, water treatments play a very important role in the process. At Loodus BIOSPA, these can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. April 2024